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13 September 2018

Dropped in Food Industry


According to a recent report featured in the Grocer by Tetra Pak, super-fast delivery in as little as 10 minutes will become a widely available service in online grocery within seven years.

Following a global survey of industry leaders, the report states: “Super-fast delivery is a game changer as it removes a major barrier to online grocery and opens the door to impulse and convenience shopping, rather than just stock-ups."

Amazon’s UK Country Manager, Doug Gurr also recently explained that his company are aiming for delivery in less than 30 minutes with the use of drones. No matter if you fly or drive to your destination it’s clear that industry-wide the pressure to match customer convenience is at an all-time high.

Can you imagine the retailers receiving an order with such a quick turnaround and the impact it will have on your as a supplier? Your process for receiving orders from the retailers will need to be seamless and to achieve this your stock will need to be up to date. Your stock movements will need to be controlled and directed by your business system to ensure you can complete the final pick, pack and ship required.

Dynamics Food will eliminate the delivery distractions that slow you down

To achieve slick delivery, you need regular automated communications between your systems and those of your Third-Party Logistics (3PL) company. Dynamics Food’s integrated EDI can seamlessly pass information between systems and is essential if you ever want to match the demands of the major multiples.

Long-gone are the days where you can get away with a paper-based system to track your stock movements by batch/use by/sell by dates if you want a prayer of competing. Can you imagine if Amazon were noting their stock movements with paper… seriously?

Another typical story we hear that creates confusion is in Goods Received at your 3PL or major retailer. For example, if you ship 1000 items and invoice for 1000 items, yet the Goods Received Note says only 990 received. You are inclined to write off such a small amount and not contest the difference.

Dynamics Food will ensure that you’re not wasting your time making a host of time-consuming changes just to reflect the new information. Everything you need to change will be available at the click of a button.

Now is the time to ditch the dated business system that is slowing down your delivery process. The timescale that people will anticipate a delivery is reducing and you simply won’t be able to compete if you’re already struggling. Dynamics Food will give you and the retailers the confidence that your delivery process as a supplier is as slick as possible.

Join a host of industry-leaders already using Dynamics Food

Some of the companies already using Dynamics Food include well-known names as Bounce Foods, Copernus, County Confectionery, David Berryman, Faccenda Foods, Forza Foods, Gressingham Foods, Kent Foods, Laila's Fine Foods, Nantwich Cheese Company, Neal's Yard Dairy, Pipers Crisps, Rondanini and Zeina Foods.

Technology Management helps manufacturing, and distribution business transform their processes and operations with Microsoft Dynamics. Dynamics Food is our offer of Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central/Dynamics 街霸5 to provide a complete end-to-end ERP software for food companies. To learn more about how Dynamics Food can help ease the pressure on your delivery process, please visit: Dynamics Food