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13 December 2018

Dropped in Food Industry


For decades in the movie industry we’ve been graced with films such as: Pacific Rim, Transformers and I, Robot and they’re all based on the common theme of an artificial intelligence takeover.

Seriously, is it any wonder why anybody who’s been to the cinema isn’t slightly fearful that an automated and intelligent system will create a negative impact on their life at work?

The reality is quite the opposite, as the Grocer reported that a company who deliver organic veg to 50,000 homes nationwide each week have implemented the latest automated picking, packing and conveyor technology. The Head of Business Systems explained that automation has increased efficiency at the warehouse and given each driver an hour back each day.

Within today’s Food industry there’s a lot more to technology than just a conveyor belt that’s running food down it. Automation is helping the entire Food industry to become faster, cheaper and production and distribution levels are slicker than ever before.

How integrated EDI can help to tie your entire Food company together

Let’s start with the basics, EDI is right at the top of the automation charts and removes all human error as well as significantly reduce the time it takes to transfer documents between businesses to mere seconds. With Dynamics Food , EDI orders can be automatically imported, passed to your warehouse for picking and be ready for shipping in less time than it took to print the original EDI order and assess the changes.

Regardless of whether you trade with the major multiples, independent retailers or distributors, the trading channels are changing for everyone in the Food industry. EDI is now demanded by the major multiples and online ordering is being used increasingly by the independents.

Reducing the human error possibility from your trading channels will result in a huge boost to your customer service. You can then deal with any issues or requests in real time, which removes the time you previously wasted in waiting for the information to eventually be passed to your desk.

Improving your delivery processes using automation within Dynamics Food

Dynamics Food is our offer of Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central/街霸5 to provide a complete end-to-end ERP software for food companies. Some of the companies using Dynamics Food include well-known names as Bounce Foods, County Confectionery, Faccenda Foods, Forza Foods, Gressingham Foods, Laila's Fine Foods, Nantwich Cheese Company, Neal's Yard Dairy, Pipers Crisps and many more.

With rising fuel costs, intelligently automating the most efficient delivery routes can create a significant impact on protecting the profitability within your business. Dynamics Food can match the right delivery vehicle against calculations of each drop’s weight and volume, while considering any special circumstances for each delivery location including: customer allocated delivery times or unloading requirements.

8 sure-fire signs that your business has passed its sell-by date

Sometimes when running a business, you can feel like it’s all hunky-dory and you turn a blind eye to the warning signs when they begin to crop up. If you’re keen on embracing automation, but feel like you can cope, it’s worth checking out our eBook: 8 sure-fire signs that your business has passed its sell-by date to help you recognise the other areas where your business can improve.