Introductory seminars


Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 10:00am - 12:10pm

Do you know what a successful customer journey looks like?

Can you forecast what opportunities are expected to close without having to dig through multiple excel spreadsheets, chase up your salespeople or study previous customer conversations?

Do you have complete visibility of all your customer service issues and whether you’re hitting your service KPI’s?

With Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 CRM, you can guarantee the answer to those three questions is a firm ‘YES’.

From better pipeline forecasting right through to ensuring a successful customer journey by digitally selling and serving, even in a hybrid world. In this interactive and insightful workshop, split into two 60-minute sessions, you will get to explore both Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing/Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Customer Service and how it can transform your business.

Your CRM experts at Tecman will demonstrate how you can best utilise each app that makes up what we commonly refer to as CRM. See how these platforms can skyrocket your customer service, drive net new business and most importantly, keep loyal customers… even during a hybrid world!

You can do so much with Dynamics 街霸5 CRM that it would be insane not to explore further!


The session will run as follows:

10:00-11:00 am: Demonstration into Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing and Sales

11:00-11:10 am: Break

11:10-12:10 pm: Demonstration into Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Customer Service


To discover how to deliver customer success in a hybrid world with Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 CRM, register today to join us on the 16th February at 10:00 am.