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17 April 2019

Dropped in Food Industry


It doesn’t require us racking our brains to think of the most common complaint we hear from people with disparate systems - “Excel spreadsheets are causing chaos within my business.”

Speaking of chaos, the initial Brexit tariffs were revealed! Oh. Come on, who’s going to take responsibility for this? Whose idea was it to format Brexit tariffs on several long spreadsheets across a vast expanse of Excel columns? Yes, this really happened. Several associations even warned members not to bother reading them because they would just create more confusion!

We wouldn’t advise anybody to learn a lesson from how Brexit has been handled. However, it has been a fantastic case study for how not to communicate, operate and make key decisions.

Are your staff sick of scrolling through Excel to find the correct information?

If your business is faced with a product recall how do you react? If the person responsible for managing the Excel spreadsheets that are used to trace your product is on holiday, what do you do? Wait for them to finish topping up their tan and ask them how was the holiday? Or, do you run around like a headless chicken trying to hack their computer passwords?

Farm-to-fork traceability is essential from a food safety perspective. In the event of a recall, companies need to quickly locate what products are contaminated and exactly where they have been sent. You also need to quickly identify the ingredient that has caused the contamination and stop it at source.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central , Dynamics Food provides a complete end-to-end ERP solution for food companies. By having one centralised system in the shape of Dynamics Food you can accurately maintain farm-to-fork traceability records and eliminate both the stress and admin of manually rekeying data into disparate systems.

Some of the companies already using Dynamics Food include well-known names as Bounce Foods, Copernus, County Confectionery, David Berryman, Faccenda Foods, Forza Foods, Gressingham Foods, Kent Foods, Laila's Fine Foods, Nantwich Cheese Company, Neal's Yard Dairy, Pipers Crisps, Rondanini and Zeina Foods.

Making key decisions is increasingly difficult with Excel

If you’re working within a business that presents all your business information via Excel how can you safely make a key decision? Associations warning members not to bother reading Brexit tariffs says it all.

Without role-based security, how are you kidding yourself that your crucial data is 100% accurate and 100% the latest version within an Excel spreadsheet? Within Dynamics Food , you can set specific permissions to certain roles to ensure only one person or department can access or edit (x) information.

Dynamics Food will provide your staff with the platform to focus on more strategic tasks that can boost your business output and enables them to work from anywhere, at any time. Our fully integrated solution will help to virtualise the manual tasks your staff have grown tired of completing and give them the power to accurately make key decisions.