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29 April 2019


The Spring 2019 release of Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central marked an update set to be one of the most popular in the history of the 街霸5 dynasty to date.

Plan a migration path that suits your business best

Notably, the Spring 2019 release is the creation of the perfect middle ground between historic C/AL modifications and the new Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central extension-based platform.

If you wish to learn more about customisations, we’ve composed: “ 3 things you need to know about customisations in Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central ” to provide you with an invaluable insight into the future.

Essentially, you will have time to slowly migrate your customisations to extensions, one by one, so it doesn’t require a big bang approach. Extensions are easier to maintain, transferable and can be enhanced or fixed individually.

Simply, there is no defined migration path for everyone. The correct thing to do is plan where you would like to be in the next two to three years and build your Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central migration plan to coincide and support your vision.

Things you need to know about upgrading to Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central

We just want to help you understand the key benefits associated with upgrading to Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central that will enable you to surpass the limitations associated with data that remains locked in difficult to upgrade outdated versions.

If you want to learn more about upgrading to Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central, just check out our entire ‘ Things you need to know ’ series, or please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.