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07 May 2019


In this typically project-driven industry, you need to be able to maximise your organisation’s potential to drive growth and profitability – which means you need your sales strategy on point.

Your current software might not be able to support the challenges that come with the potential of expansion and gaining new customers, and you wouldn’t be the first.

To win new projects & new customers, many building materials suppliers offer project-based or contract pricing, so flexibility in your business software’s sales pricing mechanisms is essential, arguably critical to your success.

Similarly, we know that as a building materials business you often offer deals in the form of rebates based on actual sales volumes. These promotional mechanisms are designed to create brand loyalty along with that all important brand security, and in return deliver increased sales whilst also ensuring solid margins per product/item.

Below I will talk about 4 ways I believe at Tecman we can help increase your sales performance across all channels with Dynamics Building Materials.

Easily keep track of your contracts:

Contract pricing, this could be over any potential period, for any number of products you sell. Where are your contract pricing details per client? In CRM?, on a piece of paper? in Outlook? in Excel… Ok you get the point.

Managing your contracts better to be able to deliver advance notifications when your expiry dates are approaching would make life easier? Yes?

We know that delivering your contracts impacts your costs, people and product, so it’s essential that you manage them in the most efficient way so that you and your team can act proactively and in time to make a difference.

With Dynamics Building Materials, you have the ability to have multiple contracts per client, which could be linked to having multiple projects on the go, or that certain products for a specific time period have a set agreed fee with a client. Either way, I’m sure you don’t need to be managing multiple contracts in your head, I know I don’t.

Drive more sales with flexible pricing:

It’s not easy keeping track of project-specific pricing. It’s all too easy for the wrong project pricing to be applied, especially when you have multiple projects with the same client/contractor ongoing.

Get it wrong and your profitability can go down the drain! With Dynamics Building Materials, you can easily create a whole host of flexible pricing agreements which removes the need for unexpected payments and its unwanted impact on cashflow.

Which means depending on individual customers, you can tailor-make their pricing to suit them best. It doesn’t have to be just one way and one way only. Bit like contract pricing, you’ve got flexibility.

You may also trade in multiple units of measure, so accurately respond to pricing requests based on length or square footage, packs or pallets means that the hassle is taken out of your day by worrying about converting it all and applying the right price.

Finally, you don’t need to get this project pricing implemented in Dynamics Building Materials, nor is it a full-time job to maintain the pricing within the solution. It’s a system that’s working for you apposed to the other way around!

Better manage the performance of your promo’s:

From time to time, you may look to offer more than product, project and contract pricing. You need to help bring a new product range to market, or a new line, or you may want to sell off obsolete stock.

Managing price promotions and offers such as buy 3 and get a promotion item free, or 15% off when buying 10 is difficult to manage in most ERP solutions. However, with Dynamics Building Materials you gain the ability to create single or multiple-use promotion codes with value or time-based expiry to suit the needs of an individual customer and measure the performance of all your promotional pricing. As I’m sure you want to see what promotional activities are worth running again?

Whilst we know you’re not in the supermarket buying the latest flavours and they are enticing you to buy more, it’s in our human nature to respond to promotions in our personal and business activities, we cant help it, so making sure we can manage them effectively is one added benefit of an ERP system.

Gain full visibility of your rebates to boost profitability:

Rebates, something you try to avoid because it’s too much hard work to keep track off? You’re not the only one. But think of the sales negotiations you might lose out on? Or think of the time you spend managing rebates because you say yes but you have no mechanism to track them.

If you aren’t tracking rebates in your finances, then I’m guessing your emotions could be; ‘oh ok, not too bad’ because the rebate figure isn’t too high (but surely that means your sales aren’t as high as you want them to be), or ‘ahh so cash flow is a little more challenging this period’ all because you forgot to budget that payment back to your client that had been agreed in the contract (which you think is stored on Outlook somewhere – sorry, poking that fire again!).

With Dynamics Building Materials we can get rebates calculated and accrued in your finances so there’s never any unexpected surprises, and you can track their success instantly.

So, I’ve spent some time on pricing, and we all know, if we get this wrong, we can sell the right product to the right client, but if not sold effectively then it’s not going to help you evolve, grow and ultimately remain a long standing supplier for your client.

With Dynamics Building Materials you will have the information needed to be able to sell in a way that maximises your margin without having to hold all the information in your head or on multiple excel spreadsheets.

Whether it be liaising with specifiers, architects, designers, contractors, or manufacturing & supplying materials,  Dynamics Building Materials  based on Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central (previously known as Microsoft 街霸5 ) already makes a difference to leading building materials companies including Alumasc Group Plc, Biasi, Charlton & Jenrick, Eastbrook, Epwin Group, Eterna Lighting, Karndean and The MX Group. It’s seamlessly extended to include building materials industry-specific requirements to ensure your business makes the most of its IT investment. It enables you to effortlessly track every aspect of your business interactions, from specification to quote, production, delivery and cash.

Discover the many benefits of Dynamics Building Materials. Attend our 30-minute webinar on the 12th June to discover how you can easily track your promotions, contracts, pricing and rebates with integrated Microsoft Dynamics software for the Building Materials industry and get the fresh start that you need to facilitate the future growth of your business.

Book your place today.

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