Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes
15 May 2019


There is standard functionality which allows you to send documents by email to recipients directly from Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central, but looking into the setup, it can take a bit of time to configure when you potentially have a variety of communications that each need personalising depending on the recipient.

Using the standard approach means if customers and vendors want to receive communication in different formats (i.e. printed copies, email, email attachment types), you must first setup a document sending profile based on the custom requirements of each, and then assign the profiles to the customer/vendor cards. Then go to the respective report selections page and specify the report ID that you’d like to use as the email body and attachment. Why go through all this effort when you can install our app and in a matter of a few clicks have support for emailing out all major document types?

The document types for the most commonly used D街霸5 Business Central documents are imported out of the box to set you off so you can reap the benefits of the app with minimal time and effort. These include; posted credits/invoices/shipments, reminders statements and sales quotes to name just a few! And each one can be configured for specific sender and recipient details.

Personalising each communication couldn’t be easier – you can use bespoke reports on each document type and have more than one report configured if needed, set up custom values and rules if you need to send a specific report of the same document type to different departments within the recipient business. You can also auto-populate things like your CC and BC addresses and customise the message. If you tried customising the message using standard BC, it wipes out your whole template, and you have to start again, whereas using Clever Document Delivery you can easily edit the email body from the Document Type.

Other key features are having the options to attach further documents on top of the one you are sending out – add watermarks and additional PDFs such as terms and conditions or item specifications to your emails seamlessly.

Viewing a history of contact with recipients is easy; we provide a Document Log that you can use to review what’s been submitted and processed from your system.  

Details of when the document was sent, the user that sent it and the document itself can be setup to store against the record, all contained within the Document Log.

Whether you want to send a business document individually, in a batch or at a set time – this can be achieved with Clever Document Delivery. Send emails instantaneously, or schedule these to work around your core work hours, i.e. at the end of the day or week and have this automated again saving you valuable time.

Finally, Clever Document Delivery includes password protection functionality whereby you can allocate a password to customer and vendor accounts that they’ll need to enter upon receiving their emails to preview the attachment – a sweet little feature to ensure security.

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