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09 July 2019


Do you find yourself dreaming of the day where you can accurately reflect what’s going on in your warehouse? Or, have you had enough of the constant errors that are plaguing your finance and admin processes and bringing you to a standstill day-to-day?

Clever Dynamics , which is the software product division of Technology Management has developed several apps that are exclusively for the Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central product line.

Time to focus on boosting productivity in your warehouse!

Clever Handheld for Warehousing will instantly reflect on a computer screen exactly what’s in your warehouse and will help you to establish a culture of accuracy across your organisation. You’ll notice a significant reduction in the amount of headless chickens running around.

We’ve recorded a Clever Handheld for Warehousing webinar that you can re-watch at anytime from the comfort of your desk so you can dive deeper into the capabilities of the App.

Your chance to explore the ‘Clever Essentials’ collection

Clever Essentials makes entering, finding, storing, sending and printing information, easier and quicker. Then to top it off, it also adds the credit rules you really need to take the risk out of customer accounts.

You should check out our recent webinar on Clever Essentials! Purely, because the video will do an infinitely better job than this email at uncovering the full range of fantastic benefits the solution can provide your business. The Clever Essentials collection includes:

  • Clever Data Validation
  • Clever Global Search
  • Clever Document Links
  • Clever Document Delivery
  • Clever PrintNode
  • Clever Credit

All the Clever Dynamics apps are simple and easy to use, meaning you won’t need lengthy training courses to get up and running. The collection is perfectly suited to boosting the interactions you have with your customers with instantaneous access to the data you desire.

Hope you enjoy, if you have any questions, please get back to us!

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