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14 August 2019


Summer is here! A time to bask in the sunset and reflect on what's worked. It's also a great opportunity to reflect on what could be improved.

Not all of us are experts in every facet of 街霸5 or Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central and sometimes our skills need polishing and refining. This is your FREE chance to come and meet us, quiz our experts and boost your skills at our Workshops .

Whether you want to come and learn in-person at our historic St. Marks office in Wolverhampton, or engage with us from the comfort of your desk using Microsoft Teams you have the luxury to select your preference.

We'll even provide you with a wealth of additional material to takeaway in-person, or we'll capture the webinar in its entirety for you to re-watch at your leisure. You'll be able to refine your skills anytime, anywhere!

Let's be honest, who doesn't want to make their lives at work easier? Just hit 'Seminar' or 'Webinar' on any of the Workshops you fancy below and register your place.

Our remaining 2019 Workshops schedule

Utilising the often-overlooked areas of warehousing & logistics in Microsoft 街霸5 & Business Central

Thursday 12th September: Seminar | Webinar

Automate every step of daily document handling with Continia Document Capture and 街霸5 & Business Central

Thursday 19th September: Seminar | Webinar

Streamline the Microsoft Dynamics Fiscal Planning Process with Jet Budgets

Thursday 10th October: Seminar | Webinar

Delivering more with Microsoft Dynamics & Microsoft Flow 

Thursday 17th October: Seminar | Webinar

Utilising the often-overlooked areas of manufacturing in Microsoft 街霸5 & Business Central

Thursday 12th December: Seminar | Webinar

Improving Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics & Jet Analytics (formerly Jet Enterprise)

Tuesday 17th December: Seminar | Webinar