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12 September 2019

Dropped in Food Industry


Weren’t the summer holidays just great? It’s not often that you get a golden chance to remove yourself from the hustle of working within a Food company.

You don’t want to sit on the sun lounger for a week dreaming about work though. With everyone back from their jollies, now may be the best time to gather around and collect your thoughts on what’s not working as well as it should be within your business.

If you’re struck with the overwhelming sense that your business system is the driving force of stress and anxiety across your company, then it may be time for change. If any of the following issues ring true, it’s clear that your dated old business system may help the competition to stream ahead of you!

1) Your warehouse isn’t exactly as smooth as it should be

How simple is it for you to find a product in your own warehouse? If you even had to hesitate in thinking ‘yeah it’s easy’ or worse, you believe it’s not great, then you’re already fighting an uphill battle to swiftly deliver the products that your customers crave.

Our Dynamics Food solution can fully integrate with handheld devices that will provide you with real-time information on all your stock availability and locations using the latest bar code technology.

It’s time to bin the errand scraps of paper that have plagued your warehouse and promote a fresh culture of accountability across your warehouse. With up-to-the-minute visibility of everything in your warehouse, you can establish directed picks for more efficient staff/forklift movements and automated printing of the relevant documentation you desire.

2) You’re not mobile enough to manage your customer queries

Do you ever find yourself in a position that you must run back into the office to respond to a customer query? Let’s be honest, it’s 2019, and mobility and access to technology has revolutionised customer expectations and the expected accessibility to your product. The last thing a customer anticipates is having to wait several minutes around for a straight answer.

Dynamics Food gives you, and your employees, the power to work and access the information they need – anywhere, on any device. It’s time that you had an agile business, with real-time collaboration across departments & divisions, a fully integrated view of all customer information and the ability to confidently answer queries within seconds, not minutes.

Your workforce expects and needs technology to support their role, rather than limit their performance. Through no fault of their own, limited technology will impact customer service levels and ultimately your sales will suffer. If your competitors can beat you to the punch with a greater level of service, you’ll be left reeling… even if you’ve got a better product!

3) You’re wasting time and money getting a product out your door

If you add rising fuel costs to the time wasted in getting your product out the door, there is one result, you’ll be leaking costs for no reason. Intelligently automating your most efficient delivery routes will provide a significant benefit in protecting your profitability.

Dynamics Food can match the right delivery vehicle against the calculations of each drop’s weight and volume, even considering any special circumstances for a particular delivery location. This includes acknowledging a customer’s allocated delivery time. As a result, you’ll be able to optimise your transport management to ensure both you and your customer are getting the fastest and best deal.

If you’ve come to the realisation that your current business system is holding your company back, don’t hesitate any longer and come and meet us! We’d like to invite you to join us for FREE  at Microsoft’s executive office in Reading on Tuesday 1st October, where we will be examining exactly how you can ‘Reduce risk and boost your business performance with Dynamics Food.’