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24 February 2020


So, we are now well and truly in 2020! More than likely you have started going back to your normal day to day but, hold on a sec, you are already feeling like you are being tied down when trying to get reports and analytics? I’m guessing this is resonating with a few of you there.

Complete operational & performance visibility within your business is a necessity. Without this you are constantly feeling limitations in every step of your reporting processes, now why would you put up with that?

That’s where Jet Global steps in with whom you will already be familiar to. However, you may not know much about Jet Analytics, correct? Then check out Jet Global’s Whitepaper to find out a bit more here .

By upgrading to Jet Analytics, you can transform & centralise your data into valuable dashboards, clear KPIs and Power BI visualisations, sounds good doesn’t it?

As you are already a Jet product user, you’re already halfway there. Take that next step for your business to take off by upgrading to a true BI platform. For a limited time, Jet are extending a special offer that will be hard to pass up.

When you buy the Jet Analytics Foundation package from now until March 20th 2020, you will get a perpetual license or first year subscription for 20% off 1. That’s huge savings for better insight and smarter decision making!

Interested? Then give us a call.

1. AEP for perpetual licences are based off retail. Additional licences (Viewers, Designers, Connectors and Analytics Component) are at regular retail rate.