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06 March 2020

Dropped in Food Industry


Each time we meet a new Food company, it’s our job to find out what is frustrating them and identify how our systems can help. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hear the word ‘spreadsheets’ uttered every time!

The fact is Excel is prone to duplication and human error which is a recipe for disaster in any Finance department. Just ask TransAlta, who lost $24 million when an employee misaligned rows in an Excel spreadsheet wiping out 10% of their profits for the year.

If your business was to make a similar error, it probably wouldn’t cost millions, but it could blow your expense budget for the quarter. For example, if your Excel template has spending limits coded into certain categories, only to get misaligned, your employees could end up claiming way more in expenses than you originally planned.

Ensure your data is safe, secure and accurate

Excel may be prone to error, but paper is an even bigger nightmare! I can’t think of one reason you’d even have paper in your supply chain and that’s just from an environmental and costs perspective.

What can be more annoying than thrashing around ten filing cabinets to find a sheet of paper… only to find you can’t even read what’s on it. Fantastic calligraphy isn’t a universal gift and poor readability is a breeding ground of inaccuracies. One sentence that should be banned from every accounts department is: “I think it says”.

So, what’s the alternative? Dynamics Food is our end-to-end solution designed specifically for Food & Beverage manufacturers, processors and distributors and is powered by Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central (previously 街霸5 ).

A host of respected manufacturers across the Food industry are already thriving with our solution, including Bernard Matthews, Bounce Foods, Faccenda Foods, Laila’s Fine Foods and Norebo Europe just to name a few.

Dynamics Food provides you one version of the truth

Dynamics Food will give you complete faith when the spotlight is truly on your business, in the face of a customer audit or product recall. You will be able to accurately identify all raw material batches, packaging and equipment used to manufacture your finished products.

The tailored dashboards in Dynamics Food will enable you to drill down for further information and analysis and give you additional insight into developing trends and current performance. It’s time to put an end to wasting precious time getting lost in endless streams of disparate data.

On Wednesday 11th March, we are hosting a Microsoft Teams webinar: “ Has your business passed its sell-by date in the Food industry? ” between 10:00am and 11:30am. It’s time to get rid of the disparate systems that hold your business back!

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