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04 August 2020


“What events, haha!” So, here we lie wed to the world of virtual events with the freedom to join, leave, eat, or go to the toilet whenever we fancy.

Virtual events have become a win-win for everybody involved. The hosts don’t need to rent physical premises, pay for food, pay for entertainment, pay for accommodation etc. The guests don’t need to drive, or in fact, turn up (they’ll just be sent the recording anyway).

Therein lies the problem. With a virtual event, there is no way to truly know if the people booking-on are really interacting with what you’re showing them. Or, if they have joined your webinar with no video and wandered off to feed the dog.

The need to reduce the hassle of attending a physical event

As a result, physical events will still have their place in the hearts of many. However, your target audience will be asking themselves: Is this worth the hassle?

So, as a marketeer, how can you use Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing to reduce this burden of a physical event? Well, before you even create the Event listing, I would suggest identifying your target audience and running a short campaign. Here, you should send them Emails packed with content related to the theme of your planned event.

Using Email Insights to make an informed decision

With Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing, you will be able to uncover the Insights related to the Email that you have sent out. You’ll be able to see the Unique Opens, Clicks, Click through-rate, Open-rate and so much more – so you can immediately ask yourself, do enough people enjoy our content to warrant running the event in the first place?

If you scroll down the Email Insights page, you’ll then see the Top 10 links. This is a great feature if you have hyperlinked content about a particular sector, e.g. if you have one link sending people to learn about Cheese & Dairy and the other to learn about Sports Nutrition and you’ve got 100 clicks for Cheese & Dairy and one for Sports & Nutrition.

Straight away, you will be able to see the topic that your target audience is engaging with. This will enable you to tailor your event content and title to capture the imagination of your audience. In turn, you avoid mistakenly investing in events that you ‘think’ your audience cares about.

Using geographical Insights to make your final decision

When you think of hassle and a physical event this is usually related to the time and effort to get there, e.g. if I sign-up to this, I’ve got to drive 3-hours down the motorway and 3-hours back and I’ll be fed a re-heated dinner out of the microwave when I get home.

With Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing, you can significantly reduce the number of people enduring this negative experience. Look at the map below, this shows me the total clicks of people engaging with my content based in the United States.

Now, where do you think I would want to host an event? Well, I’ve got two options really, either California or Pennsylvania. It’s as simple as that. Forget any original plans to host the event in Florida, give your target audience convenience – not a barrier.

Does your current email Marketing solution offer you this level of insight to make informed decisions? Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing will provide your marketing team with the insight they need when it comes to launching their first post-lockdown event.

Get the ball rolling today and get in touch with our team of Dynamics 街霸5 experts .