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20 January 2021


Over the last few years, Microsoft Teams has progressively become a standard tool of communication across many organisations (as the replacement to Skype for Business) but since March 2020, the number of people using it to work from home has exploded and it’s here to stay (unless we get a brand name change – which of course, is never out of the question).

Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to chat, integrate with SharePoint libraries, video call, call and also install and use an endless plethora of Apps from the Microsoft app store. What more could anyone need, you ask?

Well, as a Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 partner, we were always finding that although the platform was always good at surfacing data through Reports and Dashboard within the Common Data Service/Dataverse (using both names on this blog, even though Dataverse is the new name – too many of us still use CDS in the short term). However, sometimes customers wanted to see the day to day posts and activities within Microsoft Teams either on Mobile devices or desktops.

What do I mean by surfacing CDS/Dataverse Data using Power Automate?

Using Power Automate, we were able to surface activities within the Common Data Service/Dataverse platform directly to a Microsoft Teams Channel.

An example of this was to automatically create a post when an opportunity has been won or an appointment from an opportunity that has been booked right from within the Teams app on a mobile device, browser or Teams desktop app.

This is a great and simple way for any sales managers and members as it gave them an instant high-level insight into how the rest of the team are doing by just scrolling through the channel on their desktop, laptop or mobile device.

So, for example, when you want to know as the Sales Manager when something has been closed (won or lost), why not get a notification in a Teams Channel? Or, how about when you need to approve a new account setup? Proposal approval? Contract approval?

Microsoft Teams allows you to become connected with your day to day apps, so why not take advantage? I’m happy to work through your requirements as I’m sure there is a need somewhere for this functionality. Who doesn’t want to get their key notifications front and centre each day?

To discuss Microsoft Teams and the functionalities and benefits it can bring to your organisation, then don't hesitate to get in touch here .

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