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03 February 2021

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Wolverhampton-based Technology Management (TecMan) is not just re-launching its annual Academy Programme but turbocharging it significantly by announcing the recruitment of twenty new roles this spring - a five-fold increase since its last trainee recruitment & training scheme.

The new recruits are needed as the existing one hundred and twenty strong team is at maximum capacity, even during the last year, leading the company to have to repeatedly turn down sales opportunities. TecMan will use their proven intensive training programme to transform the successful candidates from fresh trainees to masters of their subject.

TecMan are one of the world’s leading providers of Microsoft Dynamics business management application software with a client list that ranges from large enterprises such as Coca Cola, Mars & PepsiCo to numerous local organisations such as Carvers of Wolverhampton, Fortress Interlocks, Telford Extrusions and Rosewood Pet Products. It provides a wide range of services that help its three hundred clients to operate ever more efficiently and reliably. For most, if their Dynamics system stops, they stop; meaning the helpdesk, consulting and managed services TecMan provide are critical to their operation.

TecMan Managing Director, James Crowter, explains “We’ve proved over the last seven years that training our own talent pays dividends with now a third of the company and several of our management team having joined via this programme. With more demand from clients than ever, we want to take it to the next level and recruit our next generation of experts. We need them for us to grow and this starts them off on a rewarding, varied career where we’ve repeatedly proved the limit is only defined by their enthusiasm and expertise”.

He continued “The pandemic has, if anything, brought us more demand as eCommerce massively scales and clients need their back-office systems to support that growth. We are also seeing that the customer expectations’ of our clients grow year-on-year so instant, accurate data is now a must-have for business success.

When you couple that need with the availability of modern web-based applications with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI), that thanks to subscriptions are affordable for any size of business, the only gap for customers is the knowledge of how and what they need to do to best fit with their required process. These trainees will rapidly become the people to bridge that gap and empower those businesses with the productivity they need to flourish.”

Want to learn more about life at Tecman?

Recruiting has begun for a start date in May 2021. Anyone interested is encouraged to apply here .

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