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21 April 2021


We all know how important it is to retain strong customer relationships. Still, with limited real-time conversations happening face-to-face, it might seem like a difficult task to maintain. However, right now, it is more important than ever to touch base and stay connected with those that value your business, products and services. With digital being the new way we communicate, here are 4 marketing techniques that you can quickly adopt to build strong customer relationships today.

Email marketing

Communication is everything, and with beautifully designed emails that contain the right messaging to the right audience, you’re bound to impress your customer, which builds on that existing relationship. Plus, if they decide to interact with your email, such as clicking a link or downloading an eBook, you can track it to further determine what content you should send their way next.


Giving your customers a place where they can provide their honest – yet extremely valuable – feedback is essential for business growth. Not only are you building trust by listening to what they have to say, but you’re also able to be proactive and make the changes that make a significant impact on how you deliver your customer service.

SMS messaging

Where are your customers? Whether they’re in a warehouse, sat at a desk or on the road, they will always have their mobile phones with them. By catching your customers with individual or bulk text messages, you’re ensuring they see and read what you have to say. But remember, keep it short and sweet – nobody likes to read a novel on a tiny screen!

Social posting

The first thing you might do in the morning is to check your phone, scrolling for 10 minutes with a cup of coffee before getting ready for the day. Sound familiar? Well, your customers are doing the exact same thing. So, schedule your social posts in advance, selecting times you know they’ll be browsing each platform to stay connected and keep your followers up to date. Plus, with a nifty scheduling tool, you can do all of that in one place, so you don’t have to be glued to your social media accounts all day long.


With simple automation marketing capabilities, like these four, you’ll be improving and enhancing your customer relationships with every touchpoint. Whether they’re a loyal customer or a one-time purchaser with more potential, you can stay connected with the power of Click Dimensions; integrated with Dynamics 街霸5 Sales and Customer Service Apps.

To find out more about Click Dimensions , head to our dedicated page here .

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