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04 May 2021


Global usage of Microsoft Teams is at an all-time high with reported figures of over 115 million daily active users in the current climate. Well, we know why don’t we?

Every Marketing team in the world has been forced to reconsider how they host events. Who thought we would ever reach a point where inviting people to your premises would seem unthinkable? Or in our world moving forward, not the default?

As a result, Microsoft has enabled Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing to include direct integration with Microsoft Teams live events and meetings. So, we can now:

• Create and host live events using Microsoft Teams as the webinar provider
• Integrate Teams webinars directly into Marketing Events
• Set up the webinar event as either a Teams Live Event or a meeting

I expect many people are using this functionality for product/offering launches or refreshes, important company to customer changes/announcements, the list goes on.

My event data is automatically stored inside Dynamics 街霸5 CRM

That’s not all! The simplicity of the integration between Outlook, Teams and Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing has brought the Microsoft ecosystem together.

You simply create an event in Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing, tick that you want to stream it, choose Teams as your streaming provider, press save (which automatically generates the attendee URL) and pushes the meeting into the Outlook calendar of the Event owner.

Promoting your Event to the masses with Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing 

“So, we’ve created a Teams meeting?” Yes, but as I’m living in Dynamics 街霸5 , we can take all the event registrations, embed the registration form on our external website, write the email to promote our event and create the Customer Journey all in one solution.

The image above shows you the out of the box Event Marketing Customer Journey template provided within Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing – managing the registration process! All that is required is selecting the Event as the email element that your Customer Journey will react to and we’ve got our base to push on and get our event live.

Scenario 1 – They register to attend

The members of the Segment are sent a promotional Email and register to attend our Microsoft Teams Webinar Event. They will be held there until the Event has taken place. Then based on if they attended, yes or no, we could send them a different follow-up email.

Scenario 2 – They choose not to register

The members of the Segment are sent a promotional Email and DO NOT register to attend our Microsoft Teams Webinar Event. Did they open our first Email? If yes, we can send them a follow-up email or if not, it’s the end of the road.

Unsure if that scenario perfectly fits your business? Fear not, as you have the scope to manipulate the Customer Journey to go in any direction you would like. Just hit the big plus button on the designer and you’ll be free to send your audience anywhere (within reason).

Scrap your disparate event management systems

Ditch your Excel attendee lists, your manual registration processes and half-hearted follow up processes. Get organised using Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing as an integrated ‘event’ management solution alongside Microsoft Teams (not Zoom yet!).

For more information on how you can use Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing to promote Microsoft Teams Events, contact your Account Manager today or get in touch here .

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