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12 July 2021


Are you in the process of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central? Or maybe there are plans to migrate in the not-too-distant future? Whether you've started the journey or are discussing it with your teams, you'll first want to know about the Web Client.

The Web Client is the recommended way to access Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central because it enables accessibility from anywhere, at any time – as it's not device-specific. Meaning you can pick up your phone, tablet or laptop and access your data, or you can sit at your desktop and see the same information there too.

Not only this but data loads faster than ever before, AND it's low maintenance (especially when an update is required!). So, why are businesses hesitant to make the switch, especially when the Web Client is the only option from Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central 15 and beyond?

In this episode of Tecman Talks Dynamics, James and Liz (two of our Directors) discuss the pros and cons of the Web Client and what you need to consider before introducing it to your business.

With everything from different users with specific job roles and the most efficient way to get them started, right through to how the Web Client functionality expands as you move up the versions, it's all here in this podcast episode!

Plus, the duo covers whether your customisations need to be assessed before taking them over to the Web Client and why you shouldn't just move everyone over in one go.

So, tune in today by clicking HERE and find out all of the above and so much more. Podcast Episode 11 is now live – ' Introducing the Web Client when upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central '.