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24 August 2021


When our customers start on their Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central implementation with us, they often ask for advice on the kind of person they should have in role to ensure a successful outcome.

With the move to the cloud, the traditional role of an IT Manager has changed. Whilst still responsible for business-critical software like Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central, it’s no longer about networking, hardware and local software installs.

But whether you title it Business Process Manager, Business Systems Manager or stick with the more traditional IT Manager, it is critical that the individual in that position needs to have a thorough understanding of your entire business processes from start to finish, end to end.

That way they can see how the software can best support your key business operations, how your business processes can become more efficient over time and plan/manage the often-needed integrations to other systems.

They also need to act as your “data police”, managing the quality of your data in a way that ensures maximum potential across the business, especially when it comes to decision making. But that’s just the beginning...

This is why in this latest podcast episode of Tecman Talks Dynamics , Directors James and Liz discuss the responsibilities of this critical role and where to start when looking for the perfect candidate.

How do you begin to write a job description for a role with “no training, no course and no degree – despite it being one of the biggest differentiators in an electronic and digital world?” according to James!

Well… tune into this week’s podcast episode ‘ Evolution of the IT Manager ’ and find out.