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22 September 2021

Dropped in Our thoughts


We recently announced the good news that Tecman has been recognised as a ‘Great Place to Work’ certified company, following the anonymous feedback of 98% of our employees saying how amazing and welcoming they find the atmosphere and company culture.  

To explore this a little further, we thought that whilst we had employees joining us from all over the country for a huge company meeting, it would be fun to take a tour of Tecman HQ and ask our teams what their favourite thing is about working for Tecman and why.  

From the coffee machine with all the barista options you could wish for, right through to the stunning building itself (yes, it really was a used Christian church, back in the day!) – it’s all here in this short video.  

Simply click the image below to watch:

If you’re interested in working at Tecman, head to our ‘ Work for Us ’ page to see our current vacancies and the perks of joining our company.