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18 February 2022

Dropped in Our thoughts


From the laptop-friendly exercise machines, right through to Pizza Friday’s, yoga classes, fresh daily produce, flexible working hours, training opportunities and support, an endless supply of hot and cold drinks, internal career progression, a go-green attitude, and the occasional office dog, and so much more…   

… it’s always made sense to us at Tecman to put the health and wellbeing of our employees first!  

How does the saying go? “Great customer service starts with happy employees”.  

So, when we say we care about our staff, it’s because we REALLY DO care about our staff and being recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing (2022) by Great Place to Work® certainly proves that.  

It’s an honour to have made the list for medium-sized businesses and we’re so proud of the company we are building together at Tecman HQ.  

Plus, with happy and healthy employees, we’re able to boost loyalty, engagement, productivity, passion, enthusiasm and drive to do an even better job for our customers.  

Employees that feel genuinely cared for will typically go that extra mile, which in turn guarantees our customers are getting a positive experience from start to finish.  

James Crowter, Director at Tecman, shares his view on the Great Place to Work award: “I am beyond proud to know that the people in our organisation feel seen, heard and understood. Knowing we can continue to look after our staff, even during a hybrid world, just shows that it’s easy to do if you care enough. And we do! Not only does it create a positive, inspiring, and driven atmosphere, but it means we are bringing the best version of ourselves to work for our customers.”  

As a Tecman customer, you may have already experienced:  

  • More creativity – from innovative thinking to problem-solving, good wellbeing increases mental flexibility meaning our employees can find a solution to new challenges faster than ever before.  
  • Better service – having educated and knowledgeable staff means they’re comfortable talking about and supporting our products/services.  
  • Better relationships – because our employees stay loyal to Tecman, it means you’re not talking to new people every other month due to poor retention rates.  
  • Infectious positive attitudes – human emotions, regardless of whether they’re being read via email, phone call, video meeting or face-to-face, can be easy to assess. When our staff have a positive, can-do attitude it means our projects are delivered that way too!  
  • The extra mile – as mentioned above, happy staff will want to do that little bit more to guarantee customer satisfaction, it’s a fact!

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