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12 April 2022

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Together we’re making waves with ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ water bottles.

At Tecman, we have been consciously making greener decisions for a while. From our electric car charging points for visitors and employees, as well as both the electric vehicle and cycling to work schemes, therefore it only made sense to introduce the ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ bottles manufactured by Bantam, which reduce the sheer amount of plastic waste that ends up in our environment, damaging the planet we all live on.

So, what is ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’?

The Director of Bantam, Raffi Schieir, said the idea was pretty simple. Instead of creating new plastic out of oil, using it one time, and then letting it leak into the environment, Bantam made it their mission to collect what is already out in the world today. With only four outcomes for plastic (recycled, landfill, incinerated, or leak into the ocean/environment), the best possible option is for it to be recycled, but once a piece of plastic hits the ocean, it cannot be recycled. If it’s already in the water it has been degraded by the sun and salt, therefore it’s a clean-up operation, not a recycling operation.

Schieir explains how frustrated he gets when he sees packaging that claims to be recycled ocean plastic, as it’s just not true. What ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ aims to do is collect and recycle the plastic BEFORE it has a chance to go near the water, and in 10 years from now, that will amount to over 400 THOUSAND tonnes of plastic.

The use of Prevented Ocean Plastic is already supported by UK retailers such as Aldi, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose, and food and consumer goods manufacturers, including Copernus Fresh Fish and Children’s Farm. The collection of the plastic waste used to produce Prevented Ocean Plastic also has the additional benefit of providing income opportunities for bottle collector micro-entrepreneurs in the coastal communities most at risk of ocean plastic pollution.

As we continue to make more conscious, environmentally friendly, and #sustainableswaps – just like introducing ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ water bottles for all employees – we hope that you can also #ChooseRecycled going forward, as it really does have a huge impact on the planet.

To read more about ‘Prevented Ocean Plastic’ and the work they do to reduce plastic pollution, climate change, damage to our oceans and marine life, carbon emissions and so much more, then click here .

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