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03 May 2022


Life is busy! Continia can help you to get those Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central related administrative tasks completed in a fast & accurate fashion.

We all want something to make mundane administrative tasks, such as expense management and financial document matching accurate, simpler and quicker. We can assure you that a solution is out there to stop you from sweating over these lengthy tasks and they will not break the bank either…win, win!! Discover Continia Expense Management and Continia Document Capture integrated to Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central or 街霸5 .

Easy, Expense Management for Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central – for users, approvers and the finance team alike

We all know the scenario, you purchase your dinner, pay for your accommodation or even a packet of your customer's favourite biscuits for an important meeting. In your rush to get home or to your next destination you stuff the receipt into your jacket pocket, forget about it and misplace it along the way. It’s easily done! I know I’ve done it plenty of times but in order to claim back your business expenses, you need proof of purchase.

Continia Expense Management takes away the stress and frustration that comes with business expenses! As soon as you pay for something simply take a photo of the receipt on your mobile phone and upload it to the app or web browser. It’s that easy! The receipt is stored within the app and automatically reconciles and matches with your company credit card statement if required. If when the credit card statement is received there are any missing expenses within the app, you will then be notified of those that need action. It also allows multiple users to be assigned to a single credit card, such as a departmental card that is used by a whole team and allows you to add additional information and comments about the expense.

Expense approvals can be a pain particularly if you manage a large team – when it can easily become a time-consuming overhead. The Expense Management portal from Continia allows the approver to review and sign off all expenses accrued by their team, all in one place. Keep on top of what is being spent from anywhere, at any time! And email notifications let you know what needs to be approved and by when.

Not only does Continia Expense Management do the hard work for both the claimant and approver, but it also gives your finance department plenty of benefits too! Behind the scenes, sorting out employee expenses can waste time with the constant back and forth and lots of bits of paper flying around ready to be lost. With Continia Expense Management everything needed to process claims is in the software you use every day – Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central for easy employee payments. When it comes to the dreaded audit it’s handled with ease and full control too.

Effortless Document Capture for Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central

Another great tool from Continia that can greatly benefit finance departments is Continia Document Capture for Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central and 街霸5 . It’s a time-saving tool which massively improves accuracy by utilising built-in OCR technology to process incoming documents and matches invoices automatically to purchase orders– sounds great right?

Make spending hours keying in data from financial documentation a thing of the past! Manually upload or set up workflows to automatically import scanned paper documents, a downloaded PDF file or even XML – transfer multiple documents of different types all at the same time. Then the magic happens!

Those uploaded documents, such as purchase invoices, credit notes, statements etc. are matched up with related documents, for instance, purchase orders, return orders or return documents using particular fields – saving you oodles of time! It’s also super easy to solve any errors that may occur during matching as documents can be assigned to specific people within your organisation for resolution, all this is done within Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central (or 街霸5 ). After posting, you can also retrieve these documents for reporting and auditing purposes.

When it comes to payment approvals, like with Continia Expense Management, it’s easy peasy! For holidays or absences, you can set an out of office and assign substitutes to approve while you are away, so nothing is missed. As well as this you can also set approval groups where only one of the group members needs to approve, and even allow multiple approvers to approve a single document by allocating different dimensions in lines to different people. When approving, questions or queries can be forwarded to other users using comments should there be a need for explanation or clarification. When approving it's also possible to code all costs, such as for an event, a certain department or a specific marketing campaign – great to keep an eye on spending!

Visit our dedicated Continia webpages for further information and videos - click here for Continia Expense Management and here for Continia Document Capture.







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