Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes
20 June 2022


In the latest episode of Tecman Talks Dynamics, James, Liz, Liam and Matt discuss the ins and out of upgrading and talk you through the different options and approaches that can be taken depending on your business and the version of Microsoft 街霸5 you are currently on. Our last episode on upgrading was one of our most popular but things have changed! With changes to Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central licencing the previous route recommended for upgrading is now unavailable so we thought we had better bring you up to date.

In order to upgrade to Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central (and use new, exciting functionality!) you need to go through something we call the ‘app ready process’. As James mentions in the podcast it’s not a 5-minute job, but once it’s done, it will mean that upgrading will be a breeze. To cut a long story short, the app-ready process affects users on historic Dynamics 街霸5 NAV/Business Central versions who have reached the point where they can’t update their system any further due to having CAL modifications. For versions 15+ all customisations must be apps.

One of the great features of 街霸5 was that it was easy to customise to make it work for you but many users will have absolutely no idea what functionality within their system is modifications or standard, out-of-the-box features. Partners, like us, have tools which can easily identify what additions are bolted on to systems and need attention before you can even think about the actual upgrade.

Once the customisations have been identified it’s time to replace them! Is a particular function now part of the core product? Does your business even need that function anymore? If it’s still needed, what is the best way to deliver it? There are a few different options that we can create or pull straight off the shelf for you.

Then there’s your data to consider and any other ongoing developments you might already have in progress or being planned for the future. Plus, what automated testing you are going to create to make the six-monthly major updates easy peasy.

Even though you might be sitting there thinking ‘How are we going to upgrade our system from our heavily customised version of 街霸5 ?!’ you don’t want to be left behind. More and more 街霸5 users are already upgrading and that might include your competitors! While it might seem like a big change, it makes every subsequent update so much easier in the future. In the words of one customer who has been working with 街霸5 /Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central for over 10 years, ‘this was by far one of the smoothest upgrades we have ever had’.

With the UK at full employment, are your best people going to hang around when your systems are out of date and clunky to use? Our app-ready process takes you through it step by step so that upgrading is manageable and achievable.

Tune in today to start making your upgrade to Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central a reality.