Reading time: 2 - 3 minutes
08 July 2022


We’re back chatting about Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 CRM in our newest episode of Tecman Talks Dynamics. Liam, Jason and Zak are exploring everything you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing. The Marketing app integrates with Dynamics 街霸5 Sales (aka Dynamics 街霸5 CRM) bringing a whole host of features to make your marketing team’s life easier. We wanted to give you a completely open and honest look into everything the Marketing app for CRM can do, helping you find out if it’s for you.

When looking into whether Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing is for you, you’ll want to investigate its features, gaps, upcoming new features, competitor comparisons and costs. With so much to ponder when making your decision, you want the pros and cons laid out clearly in front of you. That’s where our fantastic Dynamics 街霸5 CRM experts here at Tecman come in. Jason and Zak lay everything out for you, and get brutally honest, helping you make your decision.

Since coming to market in 2018, Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing has provided sales and marketing teams with an easy-to-use tool for marketing. From email marketing and setting up events, to easily creating landing pages and scheduling social posts. The easy integration means all your data is kept in one place, so you spend less time collating it all and more time smashing your marketing campaigns and hitting those all-important KPIs (key performance indicators). You’ll know exactly what’s engaging your audience helping guide your future strategies.

In this podcast we’ll walk you through these features, how they work and compare them to the likes of Click Dimensions, Hootsuite, Mail Chimp and HubSpot. We weren’t joking when we said we’re getting brutally honest with the capabilities and so we take a good look into how Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing matches up to its competitors.

If you’re wanting to know where the current gaps are in the app this podcast covers it! Jason and Zak also explore upcoming features to bridge these gaps and where they think Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing will go next (spoiler: they think Microsoft are going to fly with this and we’ll see some great things coming soon!).

Plus, Jason will be discussing the different pricing options for the Marketing app for both Dynamics 街霸5 CRM and non-Dynamics 街霸5 CRM users, to give you an idea of how much the Marketing app will cost your business.

Finally, we also explore how we use them right here at Tecman. It’s no secret that we love Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing here at Tecman. In fact, we love it so much we’ve done a Behind the Scenes video series giving you an insight into our sales and marketing teams’ daily tasks and how this app helps save us all a lot of time.

So tune in today and find out if Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Marketing is for you!