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18 July 2022


  In the latest episode of Tecman Talks Dynamics, Liz and our training guru George discuss the underutilised, out-of-the-box reporting functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central that you can start using TODAY!  

We are all feeling the pinch at the moment and businesses are no different, so why pay for reporting functionality when you can more than likely get what you need within the software you use every day? When you first started using your Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central system you were probably aware of many of these functions, however as you didn’t have much data in your system you didn’t see the massive benefits of these free tools at the time and completely forgot about them. Now that your system is populated with data and you have multiple periods to compare, you should give them a go. Spend an hour exploring these reports and save tons of time in the long run!  

There really is something for everyone. There’s the ‘roles centre’ for those users who like to start the day with all the display information they need to hit KPIs, and ‘company hub’, perfect for users who look after multiple companies within a group. As well as ‘GL registers’, great for troubleshooting as it allows you to run reversals after closed periods and easy-to-digest ‘statistical screens’, which are often never even seen as they are too far down the page. These are useful for snapshots of information not on customer or vendor cards.   

Also, find out why when Liz introduced ‘filters and save views’ to a customer she changed their life. If that’s not a reason to start using these, I don’t know what is!  

Additionally, George runs through his favourite ‘standard reports’ from the hundreds of variations already available at the click of a button, including ‘payment practices’ which is a hot topic for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He also discussed how ‘account schedules’ provide the profit/loss, balance sheets and cash flow reports that all businesses need – plus a whole load more. Liz and George also cover the MOST underutilised reporting area i.e. ‘sales analysis views’ which is a powerful tool for analysing and filtering sales costs and calculating margin.   

All of these reporting options require absolutely no customisation or development work – just some simple, initial set-up! Plus there are great benefits to having your reporting “in-system”.   

With so many great report options, there’s no longer any excuse not to wean you and your users off those pesky, unreliable, out-of-date spreadsheets.   

Happy reporting guys. Tune in today !  

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