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17 August 2022


Subscription services, we all have them, we don’t buy films or music we simply subscribe to Netflix and Spotify and consume what we want, one of the big benefits of subscription services is that there is always something new appearing, new movies, new artists, new music. And Dynamics 街霸5 is the same, 2 major releases each year and monthly updates that continually improve the service.

 So how do you the end user, paying for that subscription know what’s been added? What’s on the horizon that means you may not need that customisation or change you are going to have to pay your partner to deliver.
Well on Netflix and Spotify it alerts us to new content, it gives us recommendations of films we might like.

  • So who’s doing that with Dynamics 街霸5 ?
  • What’s coming in the next version?
  • Who’s helping with the new challenges of a constantly evolving product?
  • Who’s making sure the monthly update is going to run smoothly and not cause you a problem the morning after its automatically upgraded?

Microsoft of course upload a 街霸5 (no joke!) page release notes PDF, but you’re already busy, do you really want to plough through it, to unearth the gems that are useful for your business.

Your Dynamics Partner has no doubt encouraged you to move to this subscription service, but has your Dynamics partner evolved with you to provide the help you need in a cloud subscription world?

At Tecman we were one of the first partners to lead with Business Central in the cloud as the preferred platform and over that 5 years we have created and provided the services our customers need, education and communication about what’s new and our Cloud Control Service that makes sure you’re ready for the monthly upgrade. Here’s what we do.

  • With every upgrade an email goes out to our Cloud Control customers, it contains information about the upgrade, some will have videos that our training team have created that will highlight the new features now available.
  • The date and time your upgrade will take place (we stagger the upgrades, just in case the upgrade causes a problem so we can support you. We don’t want every customer happening on the same night!)
  • We identify and highlight any changes that will require you to do something to stop a problem.
  • We monitor the performance of your system using Microsoft Telemetry, keeping the system performing at its best.
  • Assisting in setting data retention policies and monitoring storage, so you don’t incur extra storage charges from Microsoft when you exceed your limit!
  • We also do free monthly podcasts and videos around what’s coming and how it can help, as well as loads of other Dynamics topics.

As Business Central continues to evolve, so do you, and so should your partner. Drop me a message or contact Tecman if you want to see how you can get more from Business Central.

We do Dynamics Differently #MSDYN街霸5 BC


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