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18 January 2018


Microsoft Excel is fantastic, and has been the most popular software program to be adopted across the globe, ever. However, running your business from a series of spreadsheets might not be the best thing for growing your Consumer Goods business…

If you are running from disconnected, soiled systems, how can you make informed decisions? How do you know if data you look at is correct? And if it is correct, for how long?

To be able to quickly see trends and identify where things need changing, you need visibility across the length and breadth of your company and supply chain.

Ideally, you need to be able to spot opportunities from your retailers/supply chain as and when they appear, and take the reliance off the shoulders of your more experienced staff, far away from gut feel.

Follow the numbers.

Use Dynamics Consumer Goods to track and monitor if sales are up or down on particular stock or in specific regions, spot trends and clearly identity “one-off” occurrences so you can grow your business with every opportunity presented.

Having clear visibility also allows you to free up room in your warehouse, and not have the usual backlog of excess stock at the end of the season, as you will have the power to actively adjust your offers to retailers or even update your merchandising to suit and sell more…

To see more on how Dynamics Consumer Goods could help you sell more, watch here.

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