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09 April 2018


It’s the buzzword that has been an ever-present in the IT sector for several years, but digital transformation is more than that – the process of utilising new technology to transform your business is now a prominent feature across the globe.

The world is changing at an incredible pace and no business can afford to rest on their laurels. As a consideration, the only way you’re able to read this blog is if you have access to the World Wide Web which was released in 1991.

Since then, there have been an estimated 4.5 billion pages created on the Internet by the estimated 4 billion people that currently have access. In turn, the Internet has revolutionised the world and there is nobody running their business the same way they did in 1990, simply because their business model would have been superseded by an innovator.

Embracing digital transformation has enabled businesses to gain a sizable advantage over their competition. The ability to respond to customer demands in real-time with a flexible intelligent end-to-end cloud platform allows companies to set the benchmark. Cloud computing has helped to accelerate deployments of artificial intelligence and IoT solutions, whilst also providing analytics-driven insight.

Replace your dated software with Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central

Microsoft have continued to be trendsetters, following the release of Dynamics 街霸5 Business Central - the latest in their intelligent suite of end-to-end comprehensive business solutions. If your business is faltering with basic accounting software, this solution is ideal for facilitating the growth of your company. The seamless integration with Microsoft’s other cloud services, such as Office 街霸5 ensures a comfortable transition phase across your firm.

In a step to continually break down the silos between departments and lines of business, Business Central contains the full functionality of 街霸5 in the cloud. Your business data no longer needs to rest in a disparate Excel spreadsheet and certainly not in a filing cabinet, especially with new GDPR around the corner! A reliable cloud platform for your data will ensure your business remains connected anytime, anywhere across any department.

Digital transformation is pivotal in transforming how business operates, as it lays the foundation for success. The implementation of Business Central can help to eliminate the time-consuming processes that don’t require any human judgement or thought process. Digitalising business operations doesn’t threaten your workforce’s job security either, it simply enables them to focus on more strategic tasks that can boost your output.

Your employees will embrace the technological change, as it will likely eliminate or at the very least virtualise the manual tasks they dislike completing. The option for your employees to work from anywhere, at anytime encourages collaboration across your business. Empowered employees will create an environment that encourages best practice, which is destined to lead your business to an innovative, productive and ultimately a financially beneficial future.

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